Motorized front wheel for the lazy cyclist.

There was a time when a Solex moped, or VelóSolex as its real name was, was a French style icon comparable to the Citroên 2CV and baguettes. Among all the Solex riders were Steve McQueen, who used the contraption during the shooting of Le Mans 1970-71. But this was of course ages ago. Even though the VelóSolex is rumored to be in production again, it has new competition from The Wheel by American RevoPower. Here the boffins have managed to squeeze a minimal 1,1 hp 25cc two stroke into a bicycle wheel along with the drive train and a muffler. The little engine is said to be able to accelerate the vehicle to 20 mph over flat ground and deliver more than 100 miles to the gallon. It uses gas mixed with oil (two stroke juice) and the gas tank is in the water bottle holder. The wheel is estimated to cost about USD 400:- to 500:- when it’s ready for launch in the spring of 2007. And yes, you can choose not to use the engine if you’d rather pedal, but the weight of the wheel (+12 lb. net) might make your bike a bit sluggish. Thanks to Peter K. who mailed the tip!brbr

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