Micro water power plant may provide cheap green power.

The new (patent pending) micro water power plant has been developed by Norwegian/German company Smartkraft and it consists of an open tube with a turbine on the inside. The construction is called a Hamann-turbine, after its inventor Georg Hamann. The tube with can be placed in a stream and the turbine will generate power from the running water. Contrary from conventional water power, the Smartkraft needs no altitude, thus it does not require a dam to be built. Several tubes can be combined, or installed i parallel, if you want to extract more energy, and have the room. The main target group for the Smartkraft are power companies, counties and towns that produce their own power, but the company thinks the tube also can be an alternative to solar panels, smallish wind power, and ground heating for private homes. The forecast is to have the new power plant commercially ready by the summer of 2008. Via Uppfinnaren Konstruktören.brbr

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