Mediabistros Career Circus Is Coming to Town

vintage circus.jpgWhat’s better than a great conference? A great conference that gives us an excuse to use vintage circus graphics! Back by popular demand is the Mediabistro Career Circus. The second annual confab on how to build a career in the shape-shifting, possibly imploding world of media and beyond is set for Wednesday, August 4 at Comix in New York City. Repress the urge to perform your stand-up set (or at least keep it to your routine on new media business models—that’s bound to kill with this crowd) and settle in for “an immersive day of expert career guidance, peer support, and techniques for managing your career, whether you’re currently employed or hot on the job search.” Click here for all of the details and then mentally prepare yourself by perusing, our favorite online collection of vintage circus posters.

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