Marvel Meraviglia tile collection by Atlas Concorde

Marvel Meraviglia tile collection by Atlas Concorde

Dezeen Showroom: Italian brand Atlas Concorde has released Marvel Meraviglia, a new range of tiles with ultra-realistic finishes reminiscent of marble.

The Marvel Meraviglia collection is named after Calacatta Meraviglia, a sought-after white marble that inspired one of the designs in the collection, which applies Atlas Concorde’s latest research to reproduce the grain of marbles faithfully.

Marvel Meraviglia tile collection by Atlas Concorde
The Marvel Meraviglia collection includes the white Calacatta Bernini design

The porcelain tile collection also includes Calacatta Bernini, another white marble with warm grey veins.

Among the darker-toned finishes is Silver Majestic – with grey-on-grey striations – and Black Origin, which has a dramatic yet minimalist effect.

Marvel Meraviglia tile in Silver Majestic by Atlas Concorde
Silver Majestic has a grey background with tonal striations

Suitable for indoors and outdoors, the Calacatta Meraviglia collection is offered with a new Velvetech surface, which promises a velvety touch and a natural alternation of shiny and opaque areas to enhance the natural texture.

Product: Marvel Meraviglia
Brand: Atlas Concorde

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