Make sure the meat is okay to eat.

An increasing number of people are suspicious to the food they are offered in stores, and recurring stories of filth and re-stamping in the food industry does not improve the sentiment. Some merchants seem capable of gambling with their customers’ health and lives to make an extra buck. If that is your mind-set it will be pretty easy to put a fresh best-before date on a stale steak. However, there’s countermeasures. Smart Stuff reader Dag N. found this tool at Sharper Image, and Dag thinks every home should have one. Or at least every restaurant. The SensorfreshQ meat tester is an electronic nose that sniffs the air above the meat and analyzes the bacterial activity with four sensitive sensors. The machine is promise to work with both (uncooked) meat and poultry and it is USD 89:95 at The Sharper Image or on Amazon.brbr

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