Magnetic induction self powered bike lights.

Today is a sunny day and the thermometer shows +6-7°C. Spring is here and so is the bike season. To mark the occasion we will feature another bike gadget. This tip comes from Paul L., who admits he has not tried them, but still thinks the idea is smart. We can’t but agree. The lights are from Danish Reelight, and they are invented by Troels Pedersen. The light, or lights, are based on electromagnetic induction, which means they generate their own power. No resistance like you get from an ordinary dynamo, no battery changes as with ordinary bike lights. The light are attached to the front and back hubs, and the magnets to the spokes of the wheels. Every time a magnet passes a light electricity is generated. Simple. The lights are DKK 299:- (approx. USD 53:- or EUR 40:-) for a kit of front and rear lights, four magnets and mounting details.brbr

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