Looking for waterfront property? Check this site first.

There are quite a few indications that the melting polar ice caps and glaciers will cause the sea level to rise. So if you are about to sign a contract for some sea-front real estate, you may be well advised to think it through one more time. One day you may end up with more sea than property. On the Flood Maps site they have used Google Maps and NASA’s topographical data to illustrate how the world’s coast lines will change with every meter of sea level increase. Living in Stockholm, we don’t seem to run the risk of getting our feet wet. But for those contemplating beach front property in the popular resort towns of Skanör and Falsterbo in the south of Sweden, a bit of caution may be advisable. The left map shows the present coastline. The right one the coastline after a 1 meter rise. And, if you live in Denmark, Britain or Holland you should really have a look…brbr

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