Katy Perry Interviews Karl Lagerfeld At Paris Fashion Week

imageQuirky songstress Katy Perry chats with Karl Lagerfeld after his show at Paris Fashion Week in an exclusive interview for Elle.com. It’s certainly a rare chance to peek into the personality of one of the world’s most esteemed designers. Is he intimidating? Yes, but there is a certain warmth about his demeanor, even as he corrects Katy when she expresses her adoration for the fabric, not metal embellishment on a particular dress. The two discuss music and fashion, and we learn fun facts like what he listened to as he got dressed this morning and what song he feels describes himself best (by none other than Lily Allen, of course). His response to the requisite “if you could trade places with any designer” question is a careful mix of smug satisfaction and pure respect. Oh, and he makes jokes too! Click here to see the interview for yourself.
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