Israel to install AA missile defense on airliners.

According to reports, Israel will be outfitting its airliners with defense systems designed to thwart missile attacks. The defense will probably be a system with flares, designed to distract an incoming missile’s heat-seeking mechanism. It will be installed first on planes flying to destinations considered dangerous, i.e Africa and parts of Asia. The need for a missile defense system was recognized in 2002, when an Israeli passenger jet was targeted after takeoff by Islamic militants using shoulder-fired missiles outside Mombasa, Kenya. The rockets missed, but spurred Israel to find a way to protect its airliners with a defense similar to that already used by its air force. (The picture does not show an Israeli airliner, anyone reasonably familiar with aircraft can see that, we just wanted to show you what firing a massive bunch of protective flares looks like.) Then imagine this over airports all over the world…brbr

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