Institutional Furniture with Flair: The Revo Chair

“Clean lines” and “functional simplicity” are how Swiss industrial designer Simone Viola characterizes the work of his eponymous design firm. Both are on display with this Revo chair.

Designed for institutions, the Revo comes in both full-back and half-back versions. Options include an upholstered seat…

…a polypropylene circular base that conceals casters beneath it…

…and a polypropylene writing desk whose metal arm can rotate on a pivot mounted beneath the seat, making it “highly suitable for community contexts.” (It does appear, however, that the range of motion is limited by the legs.)

Made from a recyclable but unspecified “ecoplastic, a compound of organic waste materials,” the Revo has been designed for disassembly to further ease its end of life.

The Revo line is in production by European furniture manufacturer TOOU.

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