Industrial Design Student Work: A Good Example of Thorough Investigation and Documentation

I think it’s important for students in Industrial Design programs to explore the properties of physical materials in order to solve problems. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter if the problem is valid, because students will encounter no shortage of real-world problems after graduating; and they can hopefully draw on their investigative experience with materials to tackle the real thing.

Also, I look at a lot of Industrial Design student work, and am often frustrated with poor documentation. But this Flat Furniture project by Raya Azar, done while pursuing her Master’s at the Royal College of Art, is a fine example of both thoroughly investigating materials and maintaining excellent documentation.

“Introducing Flat Furniture, a groundbreaking project that redefines the concept of space optimization in urban living. These transformative carpets offer a dual-functional solution, seamlessly transitioning from stylish floor coverings to comfortable sitting furniture. Designed with city dwellers in mind, they provide a practical and efficient way to maximize living areas without compromising on comfort or aesthetics. With Flat Furniture, clutter becomes a thing of the past, replaced by an organized and functional living environment that embraces convenience, style, and the joy of space utilization.”

The Stool / Carpet

The Bench / Carpet

The Chair / Carpet


• Polypropylene 5mm test

• Polypropylene 3mm test

• Product shape test on 3mm polypropylene

• Fabric as a live hinge – Leather

• Film Sheet as Live Hinge

• Locking Mechanism Explorations

• Fabric Material Explorations

• Stitching Exploration

• Future Product Explorations

• Stool Process Making

• Binding Fabrics Together

• Bench Process Making

• Chair Process Making

Flat Furniture was a four-month project, and Azar really put in the work!

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