Industrial Design for Mass Transit, by Australia's 4Design

Australian industrial design consultancy 4Design does a lot of work for the mass transit systems in New South Wales. Some examples:


Opal Card Bus Readers

“4design partnered with Transport NSW to design the Opal® card ticketing reader for the Sydney bus network. The reader is a durable and hardy product designed to withstand the daily rigours of the public transport system. The smart ticketing solution for Sydney’s bus network was a result of collaboration betweeen 4design’s interdisciplinary team of product designers and engineeers, an international technology company and the NSW government.”


Assure Ticketing Readers

“Vix Technology’s Compact and Adept ticketing devices are designed to take us into the future, making public transport faster, simpler, and more convenient. 4design worked closely with the Vix team, taking the product from concept design to successful production implementation.

“The Compact and Adept readers are robust and modular. The integration of contactless ticketing ensures a quick and COVID safe user experience. The Assure Ticketing readers won a Gold Good Design Award in 2021.”


OPAL Card Ticketing Readers

“4design were engaged by Transport for NSW to develop the product design and engineering of the Opal® card ticketing reader. These modern and attractive column style devices are installed across the transport network and used by Opal® card holders to tap on or tap off the transport network. [They’re] designed to withstand harsh, corrosive environments.”


Mobile Wayfinding Stands

“4design provided Sydney Trains with conceptual designs for their new mobile wayfinding stands. The stands are easy to use, sturdy and offer a streamlined, beautifully designed solution.”

See more of 4Design’s work here.

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