Hot Leggings For Fall’s Cold Weather

imageWhy not add a whole new meaning to the term “hot pants?” Most of the time, all we ask of our leggings is that they’re comfortable and versatile enough to throw underneath our favorite tops. When the colder weather strikes, however, we need a lil’ something extra if we plan on leaving the house. The blustery winds can be enough to make you want to wear nothing but sweats, but the change of season doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice looking cute in order to stay warm. Whether you’re sick of them or not, leggings aren’t going anywhere soon, so while that’s more than we can say about summer, we’ve got some cold-weather safe picks to add to your legging collection Heavier fabrics from jeans and sweater materials to velvet and suede are one way to keep your tush toasty. And don’t underestimate simple additions such as patches, zips and buttons to give your garment just a little something extra when facing the fall. Regardless of temperature, any of this season’s takes on the now-staple, skin-tight classic are bound to make you look hot: it’s not about the warmth your leggings will bring you this upcoming season — it’s about the heat the new season will bring to your leggings to make you look hotter than ever!

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