Hot In The Hive: UVSunSense Sun Monitor Wristbands

imageTime flies when you’re having fun in the sun. One minute you’re happy as a clam, playing volleyball or reading a book on the beach, the next you’re stomping down the aisles at Walgreens in search of aloe for that gnarly sunburn you’ve earned. You already know that too much sun exposure is harmful, and you’ve had enough peeling shoulders in your time to recognize the importance of sunscreen, but even the most seasoned of sun-baskers have a hard time keeping of track of their last sunscreen application or even knowing exactly when it’s time to call it a day and take cover. Enter UVSunSense sun monitoring wristbands. Worn on your wrist in addition to a nice slathering of SPF 15 or higher, the band’s surface changes color to alert you when it’s time to either slop on some more sunscreen or find the nearest shady spot ASAP. Sure, they might be a pretty dorky-looking excuse for a bangle, but they look a heck of a lot cooler than a blistering lobster complexion!

Price: $6.89 for a pack of 7
Who Found It: xgalexy was the first to add the UVSunSense Wristbands to the Hive.

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