Hot In The Hive: Smart Planet Mini Cupcake Maker

imageEver since Carrie and the gang from “Sex and the City” step foot into Magnolia Bakery for one of their cupcakes, the worldwide craze for the frosted sweet treats hasn’t died down since. While I’m busy budgeting for my designer shoe fund, bag fund, and oh yeah, bills, I can’t always indulge in a $4 treat everyday. That’s why the Smart Planet Mini Cupcake Maker is so handy. This gadget makes 6 mini cupcakes in just 5 minutes with recipes included. If you think about it, it’s also quite health conscious since you’re eating a mini sized cupcake instead of a regular sized one (but there’s no saying that all 6 could disappear within minutes!). Of course, you can also make mini muffins, cornbread and other treats but cupcakes are definitely #1. Like they always say, when you want things done right, do it yourself. Now I just have to figure out how to automatically frost them.

Price: $16.95
Who Found It: facadeindreams was first to add the Smart Planet Mini Cupcake Maker to the Hive.

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