Hot In The Hive: Sephora Brand Color-Dipped Brushes

imageIn the market for some new makeup brushes but just can’t seem to be able to tell all the costly, separately-functional tools apart from each other? The big fluffy one is probably for your face, got it. But this little bristly one… is that for your eyes? Eyeliner? Crease? Huh? I know, the realm of brushes can be complicated, but thankfully someone made things simpler and more multi-tasking friendly… not to mention cheerfully colorful! These Sephora Brand Color-Dipped Brushes aren’t just fun to look at — they’re actually color-coded based on their function. And since each brush is double-sided, that’s two functions in one. From the fluffy pink Complexion Brush (one side for powder and one for concealer) and the precise purple Smokey Eye Brush (eyeliner applicator and smudging tool) along with 3 others, you can more easily tell all of your meticulous brushes apart from each other, get more bang for your buck with their double ends, and have a way cuter brush collection than your friends!

Price: $18-35
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