Hot In The Hive: R.I.P. Tombstone Nail Color

imageSo far, we’ve given you lots of options for Halloween makeup, in case you’re looking for an excuse to splurge on more dramatic products and shades you may normally not allow yourself to indulge in on any average day. But what if your beauty budget doesn’t exactly allow for high-end costume-y makeup you know you’ll never use again until it’s way past its expiration date? Luckily, the lines carried at Sephora aren’t the only ones boasting Halloween-friendly products — bargain drugstore brands are going festive with their shades too. Wet ‘N Wild’s costume-specific line, Fantasy Makers, has just released their own mini-collection of R.I.P. Tombstone Nail Polish just for the spooky season. While the three different shades (shiny black, multicolored glitter, and a sheer glow-in-the-dark shade) are pretty “Halloweenie,” they’re inexpensive enough to be worth the splurge. Plus, the bottle is totally cute, in an appropriately morbid sort of way…

Price: $2.50 each
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