Hot In The Hive: Jane Iredale chocohoLICKS Lip Glosses

imageMy first foray into lip products was way back when I young enough to reach for the Bonne Bell Lip Smackers. My favorite flavor to this day is Strawberry Kiwi! But somewhere between the start of teenage angst and graduating from college, I’ve since graduated to more “mature” lip products. I still miss the flavored lip glosses of my youth though. As luck would have it, Jane Iredale has a lip product that combines 100% all natural ingredients with flavors my sweet tooth loves. The box comes with 4 lip glosses that will send any chocolate lover straight to heaven. Flavors include: Truffle, Chocolate Orange, Strawberry Cream, and Caramel. They even come packaged like a box of chocolates. Gift them to your best friends or save them for yourself. Just don’t take a spoon to them!

Price: $44
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