Hot in the Hive: Gary Fisher Simple City Bikes

Spring will spring again and I will be ready. Let me preface this by saying I never wanted to grow up. Now, the Gary Fisher City 8 M Bike makes me feel like I never will! I can ride around town to my heart’s content, looking cute, and maybe even wearing a vintage 50’s flouncy skirt to match. I can even pass off daily errands and commute as exercise! This bike isn’t just eye candy, either – Gary Fisher is the number one name in mountain bikes, and this vintage model is no exception, which makes the $599 – 969 price tag worth it! Check out the whole Gary Fisher Simple City line and get on the road!

Price: $969.99
Who Found It: KNplaid was the first to add the Gary Fisher Simple City 8 M Bike to the Hive.

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