Hot In The Hive: Chanel Les Tissages ‘Tweed’ Blush

imageStyles and trends have been done and re-done over the years, and Chanel tweed is one of these such styles. While many others have tried to imitate, no one does it quite as well. Since it’s been established that Chanel tweed suits and clothing are second to none, they’ve taken the iconic textured fabric and transferred it to their cosmetics. Chanel has a new “tweed” blush, Les Tissages, a mixture of pink and beige tones on a palette of silky powders that help give you a naturally rosy glow all through winter and right into the summer months! It’s two shades of color intertwined to resemble the iconic Chanel tweed fabric and comes in a variety of selections so you can find one that blends to your skin tone perfectly. It’s perfect as a turn-to cosmetic for yourself, or grab an extra for a mom or sister as a pretty and practical gift for the holidays!

Price: $45.00
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