Hot In The Hive: Beer In A Boot For Father’s Day!

imageFather’s Day is a step around the corner and I never know what to get my dad! I crossed ties off the list many years ago (he made me), he probably has bathrobe and slipper sets to last him two lifetimes, and all those cool gadgets and grill tools that my brother and I were gonna go halfsies on? He’s already bought them for himself! So, I think this year, I will go for a gift that’s something fun mixed with something a little traditional. Most men like beer… maybe even borderline love. Men have loved beer throughout the ages so much that German soldiers would drink it out of their boots, rather than not drink it at all! So this Father’s Day, get your dad the gift of tradition and beer with a glass beer boot from HomeWetBar! These glass boots hold up to 18 oz of beer which is about half a liter. Not big enough? They also come in two liter boot sizes! Dad may be sick of getting house slippers, but here’s some footwear that he’ll love to get out and use again and again! At $20 each, get a pair of beer boots and join your father for a Father’s Day brewski!

Price: $19.95
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