Hershey Signature Spa Products Are A Chocolate Lover’s Dream Come True

imageRich with antioxidants and full of feel-good serotonin boosters, chocolate has long been a revered delight. The Aztecs used it in their powerful rituals and today it is a sinfully delicious treat (and a sometimes guilty pleasure). World-famous chocolatier Hershey has introduced its own Signature Spa product line to round out its Chocolate Spa experience. The six products in its complete Cocoa Facial Line include a creamy cocoa cleanser, a mint lip shot, cooling eye cream, cocoa facial moisturizer, chocolate almond facial scrub and a delicious cocoa mint clay masque. Each is chock-full of the soothing yet revitalizing chocolate scent. If that’s not enough for the chocoholic in your life (or yourself), then the Cocoa Bean body scrub along with Cocoa lotion, massage oil, body wash and bath bars will surely give them their fix! When you’re done browsing through chocolate spa bliss, head over to The Find for more must-have new beauty products!
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