Grow your own fresh air.

The fact that house plants contribute oxygen and moisture to the air is nothing new. But our leafy friends can do more. Some can even be used as air purifiers. The plant that is said to be the best moisturizer is the Areca palm (left), and we have posted on it earlier. It I moisturizes, absorbs pollutants and above all, it can be grown in the house. The Rubber Plant (right) is supposed to be a champion chemicals absorber. It cleans the air from formaldehyde (found in fiber boards and furniture), ammonia and benzene. It, too can be grown in the house without much trouble. This and much more can be learned in a book titled How to Grow Fresh Air, where you will meet 50 plants that are good for the indoor environment. It is on Amazon- for USD 12:25.brbr

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