Golf Ball Case with a clever spiral-shaped design lets you TWIST to push new balls out

I’m not a golfer myself, but I imagine that for people who DO golf, carrying your equipment around can be quite an elaborate affair… given that you’re constantly moving from one spot to another. Golf clubs usually have their large bag that you transport them in, but as far as golf balls go, I’m not entirely sure I’ve seen any well-designed container for them. For designers at superkomma, that sounded like a perfect design opportunity – meet the Attomax Golf Pouch, a spiral hard-case that lets you store as well as deploy golf balls with ease.

Designer: superkomma

The GIF above explains everything you need to understand about the Attomax Golf Pouch. Two spiral-shaped containers thread into one another, allowing you to expand or contract the case simply by twisting and turning the lower element. Use the case to store golf balls, and every time you need a new one, simply twist to make the case shorter, allowing the golf ball at the bottom to rise to the top. It’s a simple, yet delightful user experience that serves its purpose well, is memorable, and will probably have your fellow golfers asking you where you got the pouch from!

Simplicity is the name of the Attomax pouch’s game. Its form is deceptively rudimentary, relying on a basic geometric spiral that catches light beautifully, along with a two-tone container design. The pouch is compact, yet big enough to hold probably 4 golf balls at a time, although you’ll still need to carry your tees separately (those tiny skewers you perch your golf balls on before swinging). The Attomax comes with a lid to hold the balls in place (obviously), but also has a nice leash that your caddy can string around their leash so they always have the next ball ready for when you need to take a shot.

The pouch was designed for Attomax, a reputed golf brand known for making the world’s first high-density golf ball using amorphous metal alloy. superkomma pointed out that the idea of using two different colors for the container’s separate halves wasn’t just an aesthetic choice, it also helped users intuitively determine how many golf balls were inside the case simply by seeing the ‘ratio’ between the two colors based on how expanded or contracted the case was. For example, if the purple half is just as long as the blue half, the case has 4 balls. Any shorter and you’re down to three balls. If the purple half has been turned to its maximum point (where it’s barely visible), the case has anywhere from 1 to 2 golf balls.

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