Go Wild With A Faux Fur Vest This Fall!

imageMy favorite boho-chic models and celebs like Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and of course Rachel Zoe have all been seen throughout the years wearing fur vests. A fur vest is a fun trendy piece to keep around to add a little punch to an otherwise boring jeans and t-shirt outfit. I’m always tempted to buy one for myself, but I’m skeptical about the vest making me look chic rather than like a bulky Eskimo. It also doesn’t help that I don’t agree with buying fur when plenty of faux fur options are available. So I got to searching for animal and cruelty-free fur vests that look like the real deal and found tons at every price point. Trust Urban Outfitters to have a super shaggy fur vest for only $88. If you’re looking to splurge, go for the Gryphon Rocker Vest with eye-catching metallic beading at the neckline. For more faux fur vests, check out my slideshow!

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