GM closes four SUV and truck plants. Hummer next?

GMs massive Hummer SUV has drawn much of its popularity from its percieved relationship to the US Army’s HMMWV (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle), developed and manufactured by AM General. The Humvee is clearly a very competent off-road vehicle and weapons platform, but it’s hardly suited for everyday civilian use. The same can be said of the Hummer, too, even though it hardly has a single bolt in common with the HMMWV. The Hummer is based on GMs large SUV and truck chassis who now may have passed their expiration date. In any case GM apparently has felt the icy winds when they make public that they are shutting down no less that four(!) SUV and truck factories. The rising price of gas seems to have caught up with them at long last. There’s no word on the Hummer, though, but GM finally seems to have seen the writing on the wall.brbr

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