G-Wiz. The electric car that’s actually in use.

We spent a few days in London recently. We had not been there for some time, so there were quite a few new things to discover. Among them we spotted these little city cars, that kept popping up all over the place. At first we thought they were a version of a EU moped car, but a closer look revealed they are smarter than that. They are electric. The car is called G-Wiz and it is available in two versions. The budget version comes in black only and has a little lower top speed and a little less range. It is GBP 6.998:- inc. VAT (approx. USD 14.000:-). The cheapest Smart Fortwo is GBP 6.770:- or about USD 13.300:-, but then you will have to add the cost of gas. The slightly up-market G-Wiz at USD 16.300:- has a range of 48 miles on a charge, can be coerced up to 45 mph, is available in any number of colors and with options like leather upholstery, AC, alloy rims, carpets, cup holder and a lot of other goodies. At GoinGreen who markets the G-Wiz, they claim to have sold more than 850 of them in London alone. And they have a few pretty good sales points: Apart from the actual cash, they are exempt from road tax and congestion tax, gets free parking and free charging in London and the lowest rate if you should decide to get one as a company car.brbr

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