Fuji acoustic ceiling tiles by Woven Image

Photo of white square Fuji acoustic ceiling tiles suspended above a square dining table

Dezeen Showroom: Australian brand Woven Image has drawn on modern Japonisme and art deco design styles to create its latest acoustic product, the Fuji ceiling tile.

Woven Image designed the Fuji to enhance the aesthetic quality of ceilings and provide acoustic control with its 3D design, which can be employed in a range of configurations.

Close-up photo of square Fuji acoustic ceiling tiles showing the inside of their 3D shape
Fuji comes in square and rectangular forms

The felt tiles have a graphic shape with curved corners informed by art deco and Japonisme, a late nineteenth-century trend that saw an increase in popularity for Japanese design in western countries.

The tiles can be fixed directly to the ceiling or suspended from it using Woven Image’s Array ceiling hardware.

Fuji comes in a range of three sizes — a long rectangular format named Juni or the square designs, Roku and Ku — and four colour combinations, including beige, teal and black.

The tiles can be attached directly to the ceiling to create a large-scale installation

The tiles are compatible with off-the-shelf lighting solutions and are recommended for commercial environments where noisy conversations or music can disrupt comfort and productivity.

According to Woven Image, the Fuji range is made from 64 per cent recycled PET content and manufactured using solar energy.

Fuji holds environmental certifications including the Global GreenTag GreenRate level A and Platinum Product Health Declaration.

Product: Fuji
Brand: Woven Image
Contact: enquiries@wovenimage.com

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