Fridge bin liner and vegetable saver.

Frequent tipster Magnus I.B. is back with a guest review. This time he shares his experience with the fridge vegetable bin liner. He writes (our translation and slightly edited):brbrIt’s a perforated and slightly spongy mat mad of a non-slip material. You cut it to size and put it on the bottom of the vegetable bin in your refrigerator. With the mat in place you can take the vegetables out of their plastic wrappers and bags (not cucumber or salad; they need the wrappers to keep their moisture), which keeps them from collecting the moisture that makes vegetables spoil faster. Besides, it looks a lot nicer with the vegetables out of the wrappers. And if something would spoil anyway (like a piece of forgotten cucumber turing into a messy mush) you’re still good, since the mat keeps the fresh vegetables away from the goo. I have had mine for close to two years and I would not want to have to do without it.brbr
Thanks, Magnus, for the tip and the review! Now, if you want one of these mats, too, they are available from (among other places) Canadian web-shop Ashton Green for CAD 3:95. A similar mat is on Amazon- for USD 2:49.brbr

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