Forget jumper cables. Here’s the car battery power backup.

They call it Simple Start and it is a car battery power backup for those unfortunate moments when you have forgot to turn the lights off or left the radio on or something else that has sucked the power out of your car’s battery. The Simple Start can sit patiently waiting in a large-ish glove compartment, charged from your home power or from any 12V power source. The moment you find yourself out of juice, you connect the thing to your cigarette lighter 12V socket and just sit back and wait until the light goes green and you can start up and be on your way. This will take some 10-20 minutes. And once you get the car running, you can spend the drive re-charging the Simple Start, so that it is ready the next time… From Black Decker, it is USD 49:99 on Amazon.brbr

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