Foldable + modular e-bike adapts to family life cycle, won’t go obsolete even after decades

Foldable cargo e-bikes are trending lately owing to their compact aesthetics and as a means of sustainable transportation. Add the modular function to adapt to a wide array of needs and you’ve got a two-wheeled city commuter that’s destined to last for decades.

Following suit, the Italian cargo bike manufacturer, Fabriga Cycles has unveiled its folding cargo electric bike that’s ultra-modular to cater to a family’s dynamic lifestyle and needs. Fabriga Modula shown off at the Cargo Bike Summit in London rests on its laurels of a three-section frame assembly that has a steering, motor compartment and tail.

Designer: Fabriga

Fabriga Modula is at heart a shape-shifting cargo electric bike designed to be both modular and foldable. This means that the urban commuter can adapt to a variety of different needs and situations. The bike can be quickly and easily folded down to a compact size, making it perfect for storage or transport. It can be taken on public transportation or stored in small apartments, which is a huge advantage over traditional cargo bikes.

The practical commuter is mindful of your growing family requirements since it can be customized to fit a variety of different needs. For instance, you can transform it from a cargo bike to a child carrier with just a few simple adjustments. This flexibility makes the Fabriga Modula a great option for compact families who need a bike that can grow and change on demand. The loading compartment measures a remarkable 115 cm and when folded, the e-bike is only 150 cm in length, allowing it to be effortlessly stored in tight spaces and used with standard car bike racks. Thus, making it ideal for hauling in B-segment cars, campervans, small boats, elevators, or tiny homes on wheels.

The Modula long-tail bicycle is specifically designed with two levels to cater to young riders of various ages. According to the brand, children aged four and below are recommended to sit in the middle of the frame, positioned on the lower level, while older kids are better suited to the upper level of the tail above the rear wheels. Additionally, the Modula is highly adaptable with a double-decker feature that allows for a single upper level, accommodating a full-length deck, or an extra-long and wide deck for deliveries.

This e-bike comes with an electric motor for pedal assistance, making it easier to carry heavy loads or navigate hilly terrain. Another advantage of the separate motor bay compartment is its flexibility throughout the lifespan of the Modula. It can be equipped with almost any type of mid-drive motor, including a non-electric bike bottom bracket variant. So, as technology advances, the e-bike can be easily reconstructed and upgraded by a skilled mechanic, eliminating the need to purchase a new electric bicycle.

Aso it is loaded with a collection of intelligent accessories, including foldable stainless steel Teddy bars, the Cargo Nest bag, foldable footrests, bamboo seats, and a variety of other features. The Fabriga Modula will be offered in multiple trim levels, starting from €2,770 for the standard version and €4,970 for the top version, featuring a high-end engine, set to be released by September 2023.

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