Flirt Shamelessly This Season With Fall’s Spiky Lashes

imageI’ve always been a serious eyeliner girl, collecting everything from smoky kohl pencils in every color to budge-proof creme liner pots to liquid glitter liner. But my most recent beauty obsession? Spiky lashes — either blacked-out versions of your natural lashes, or a little added help from a handy set of falsies like Kim Kardashian’s. Unlike thick, showgirl-esque, llama-looking lashes that focus on heavy volume, fall’s take on the lash trend gives you dramatic length without verging on unnatural. In other words, you’ll have people commenting on how jealous they are of your flirty peepers instead of asking if you just walked off a Vegas stage. Take a look at the slideshow to browse some products that’ll help you get your lashes long and spiky! Photo Credit: PR Photos

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