Flatproof airless tires revisited.

We have mentioned flatproof tires before, and we think it’s a brilliant idea. Earlier we found the Michelin Tweel (picture 2) and a little later the Amerityre (picture 3). The Michelin Tweel seems to be a research project and we have not seen any updates on it for some time. The Amerityre is apparently a tyre meant for slow moving vehicles like golf carts and perhaps motorized wheelchairs and the likes. The new player in this field is American Resilient Technologies (picture 1) who are developing flatless tires for the American army with money from the Pentagon. Now, since wars always give an extra boost to technological development, this project will hopefully take the whole niche several steps forward. The new tire is supposed to be strong enough to be used on a Humvee, but still soft enough to offer at least a rudimentary comfort.brbr

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