Fake bus stop stops stray Alzheimer patients.

The idea was first tried by the Benrath senior citizens home in Düsseldorf where the staff placed a fake bus stop sign at the sidewalk near the premises. The only difference between the Benrath sign and the real deal is that no buses stop at Benrath. The Benrath staff took to installing the fake sign as an attempt at solving the problem of old patients going astray trying to return to their previous homes or families, often to be collected by the police and brought back to the home at Bentrath. The patients are old, and their memories of recent events are often non-existant. Their long term memories, however, are often very clear to them. It seems they recognize the bus stop sign, remembering they used to take the bus to go home. Now, if they stray into the street, they wait patiently by the bus stop, soon forgetting why they went outside in the first place. Then they are collected by the staff, and brought inside again. The idea has apparently proved so successful it’s tested in other places in Germany, too.brbr

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