Exercise machine for the disabled.

Disabled people rarely get enough exercise. This is of course for the obvious reasons, but also because care staff often don’t have the time to help them with more than the bare essentials like food, hygiene and medication. People confined to wheelchairs, for example, often don’t get to exercise their legs enough which in time can lead to atrophy or cardiovascular problems. If one could help them move their legs, their situation would improve greatly. This new Swedish exercise machine, the Actileg invented by Sten Bodin, is one way of achieving this. The Actileg basically consists of two sets of pedals with a set of gears in between that lets both patient and care giver pedal in the same direction. It looks a bit like two opposed recumbent bikes. Either person can set the pace, but if the patient doesn’t have the strength he or she can just follow the pedals along. Even such a half-passive movement can improve circulation and help avoid future trouble. The Actileg has patents pending and Sten Bodin is presently looking for interested manufacturers for his invention.brbr

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