Energy tower may prove more efficient than windmills.

Swedish inventor Erik Stiig has designed a wind power plant that works a bit like a tornado, and where al moving parts are placed inside the construction. Besides the obvious safety advantages with this design, tests conducted indicates that the Energytower is 30 to 40 percent more effective than a conventional wind power-mill. To boot, a conventional windmill has to be shut down in winds over 25 meters/second (about 48 knots), while the Energytower can operate in wind forces up to 50 meters/second (about 97 knots). This means that they can be used for more hours and thus generate more power. The company are now working on energy towers from 2.5 meters (about 8 ft.) in height (picture) up to 90 meters (about 295 ft.). A 15 meter (about 50 ft.) tower is calculated to be able to provide power for a small farm. Next year the company are planning to build 40 towers in pre-serial production series and they are all but sold out beforehand.brbr

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