Egg cutter with double cutting tools.

Today we made a trip to Ikea. We picked a day in the middle of the week to avoid the crowds, and not have to wait in line so much. The Ikea store at Kungens Kurva just outside Stockholm was surprisingly quiet, and we did not even have to stand in line to pay, believe it or not. Now, besides some Christmas gifts and some stuff we can’t seem to be able to leave an Ikea store without having bought (like tea-lights, candles and paper napkins) we invested in this egg cutter. It’s a model we have not seen before. It has double cutting tools, so you can choose between cutting your egg cut in slices or in wedges. If you use both tools at once you’d end up with your egg both sliced and wedged, which would probably be a mess. But we have not tried that. Yet. Our new egg slicer was SEK 9:-, (about USD 1:20 using today’s exchange rate). However, on Ikea’s US site it’s USD 2:99 which is more than twice the price…brbr

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