Don’t You Dare Call These Tees Basic!

imageWe love our basics, we really do… but we’d be lying if we said they were the most exciting things in our closets. Sure, that American Apparel v-neck goes with 18 other outfits (and that’s just the grey one) but honestly, it’s kind of boring on its own, right? Why not swap out those boring basics with tees that have just a little something extra? Tiny embellishments transform plain tees from reliable standbys to fashionable favorites in their own right, and they’re just as versatile as ever. Take this jersey tank from Casual Couture by Green Envelope- from the front, it’s a simple, well-cut top, but the back features an exposed zipper that will add a little edge to any outfit. The pearl tee from Sauce is a girly spin on everyone’s favorite slouchy pocket tee, and J. Crew’s jeweled tissue tee practically has a statement necklace built in and would look perfect paired with everything from scruffy boyfriend jeans to a polished skirt and blazer. See the slideshow for your new favorite basics!

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