Digital luggage scale can save a bundle of cash.

Last we flew home from Bangkok, it turned out that our luggage had turned very heavy during our stay. Not that we had been shopping too much (which perhaps we had), but also because everything in those suitcases probably weighed 20 percent more in the warm and moist weather. We did not care to rip open our cases and start sorting what to keep and what to get rid of right in front of the check-in counter, so we just had to look happy and hand over the plastic. But it was neither fun nor cheap. But, with a scale like this (or one like it) maybe we could have had the chance to give our cases a well needed purge before we even got into the cab to go to the airport. The scale is USD 24:85; it would have paid for itself many times over. But the next time… The scale is available on Magellan’s or on Amazon-, where it is a tad bit cheaper; USD 22:95.brbr

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