Designs for Male and Female Portable Urinal Bottles

This male urinal bottle has had some design thought put into it.

The lid is glow-in-the-dark. The shape and handle placement make it both easy to fill and empty, the latter of which you can see in the demo video below. What I think is the best feature, is that it has been designed to either stand or be laid on its side; in the latter position it cannot be accidentally knocked over, which might cause the lid to pop off. And due to the square cross-section it cannot roll (if it’s sitting on the floormat of a moving vehicle, for instance).

This unisex variant requires an extra funnel for female use.

Here product reviewer Estee explains how to use it:

And here she covers two design flaws, one of which she shows you how to fix:

The male bottle, which appears to work fine, runs $8.

The female bottle, which leaks if you don’t modify it yourself, is actually more expensive at $10.

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