Designey Tools Becoming a Thing, Check Out These Hotos

Things I’ve been surprised by in the past couple years:

The AtuMan EG1 cordless hot glue gun:

The Bosch IXO cordless driver:

Character’s toolboxes:

Black & Decker’s Reviva line of cordless tools:

Now a company you’ve never heard of (but who nevertheless have some 84 patents) called Hoto Tools is going full-blown modernist. Check out their 12V brushless drill:

And their diminutive 3.6V cordless driver:

The latter also comes in cylindrical form:

While these might look like toys, they aren’t priced that way. They run $150, $65 and $70, respectively.

I’m no tool snob, and I think the more people that own and use tools, the better. If these appeal to a new market that the big dogs aren’t reaching, then more power (no dig intended) to ’em.

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