Cute To Boot: 10 Not Too Short, Not Too Tall Pairs!

imageWith our zillions of styles and outfits,we’ve really got to have a style of boot to pair with each: hot high heel ankle boots for mini dresses, calf boots for shorts and skirts, boots for skinny jeans, an over the knee pair for leggings and a long tee, and then cowboy boots just for the hell of it. If we’re practical about it (which I’m not– I need sweater boots to bring me from bed to breakfast) the one boot versatile enough to play whatever way we’d like is the short boot. It’s less likely to be choppy than the unforgiving cankle-flaunting ankle boot. Every boot’s different, so some may be difficult to categorize, but somewhere in between lies the short boot you’re looking for in absolutely every style imaginable. They’re hip, fun, fashionable and wardrobe workable and just a wishlist-add away from ending up under the tree on Christmas day. See my favorites in my slideshow!

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