Cultural Outing Suggestions for Your Upcoming Trip to D.C.


We were on the fence about going to the endless sea of humanity that will be the inauguration celebrations next week in Washington D.C., but we a) waited too long to get a flight booked, b) remembered that D.C. gets cold too and frankly we’re sick of cold, and c) this writer lives in Chicago, so he figures it’s probably best to let the non-locals get a peek at Barack Obama for a couple of minutes. But for those of you who are braving the crowds and paying $55 for a bottle of water or a $150 commemorative t-shirt, our friends at Art Info have come up with a whole slew of more museum and art-based things to do while in D.C. As we’d reported on earlier, the town is dusting off all the exhibits and straightening out the rugs in preparation for the coming masses, and this is a great collection of the best of the best, including some not-explicitly-political stops, which could make for some welcomed breaks during the avalanche. To those who are going, we say godspeed, good luck, and have a blast.

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