Core77 Weekly Roundup (1/30/23 – 2/3/23)

Happy Friday, folks. Here’s what we covered this week:

Steelcase’s Racine Collection is a re-release of Frank-Lloyd-Wright-designed office furniture, with some modern-day updates.

Knife designer Bob Terzuola designed this Tac-and-Tweeze, retractable tweezers that can safely be carried in a pocket.

Audi’s out-there Activesphere concept vehicle is a fastback with a hidden pickup bed.

We asked (and think we figured out) why the classic French workwear shirt lacks a right breast pocket.

Industrial design consultancy Herbst Produkt has designed a range of beautiful cutting tools for Slice.

Artifact Design NC uses their laser cutter to make 3/4-view displays for toy cars.

ECAL Industrial design student Theodore Simon created this monomaterial compliant-mechanism scale.

Konstantin Grcic’s handsome Locker Box and Drop Box for Vitra are toolboxes for knowledge workers in the world of hot-desking.

In our monthly Design Speculations, we looked at AI’s collective mindset takeover and the recent wave of layoffs hitting certain sectors.

The Hermès-backed Manufacto program is a wonderful initiative that introduces schoolkids to hand fabrication.

Image: Benoît Teillet / Hermès Corporate Foundation

Image: Benoît Teillet / Hermès Corporate Foundation

Naoto Fukasawa designed these gorgeous aluminum Za stools for Emeco.

Art Center student Drake Dong designed this beautiful Atlas delivery e-bike concept.

Nendo’s Nautilus letter opener brings beauty to an often-overlooked utility object, and works in a surprising way.

Swiss design brand Superlife’s Funambulb light fixture is designed to be easy to hang anywhere.

Product designer Alexey Danilin’s striking Amulet pendant lamp incorporates both hand-blown glass and LED lighting.

Industrial designer Giacomo Moor’s Centina Collection of furniture incorporates bracing based on ancient Roman formworks.

Industrial Design student Thomas Ferreira designed this concept for add-on integrated desk lighting that won’t cast shadows.

Design professor Claudio Larcher designed this low-cost, easy-to-assemble Paco y Paco school furniture for developing nations.

Another rope-and-sheet-goods furniture design is this Knot Waste Furniture by ID consultancy PriestmanGoode, designed to reduce waste.

Japanese-Danish design firm INODA+SVEJE designed this beautiful Kunst sofa and chair for Japanese manufacturer Karimoku.

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