Coraline Box


Set to release 6 February 2009, the highly anticipated Coraline is the first ever stop-motion feature film shot in stereoscopic 3D. A surrealist plot based in an alternate reality, it is a delicate horror tale of exploration that we can’t wait to see.


Everything including the animation and set builds were done by hand, but this type of care and attention to detail doesn’t stop with the production of the film. The Coraline website offers endless hours of exploration keeping in theme with the film and the marketing scheme—masterminded by the folks at Wieden+Kennedy— is just as elaborate.

Very recently I received an incredible hand-made wooden box filled with goods from the set of the film. Numbered 28 of 50, a personalized note is accompanied by a snippet of the screenplay. The items in the box, which include handmade envelopes of stinky cheese and organic beets, all seem to be props used during the corresponding scene and there are even two stills from the film depicting the scene. It seems as though Laika, the films studio house, curated the selection of props and scene in the box according to our interests.

This roundabout but creative peek into the film has only heightened our excitement. What else would you expect of the first major film released from Phil Knight’s new studio.


Be sure to check out NotCot for box #21 of 50 and a listing of some of the other boxes she’s found while perusing the internet.

More images of our box after the jump.

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