Cool Tools: Festool's New Edge Sanding Guide

One of my favorite companies to watch is Festool, because they design uncompromising (and expensive) tools for craftspeople seeking perfection. And they are often pioneers in their space. I expect their latest tool design, the Edge Sanding Guide, will be copied by every power tool manufacturer on the market.

The Edge Sanding Guide was designed for the purpose of cleaning up a sawn edge. In cabinet shops, you’ll see large freestanding edge belt sanders that achieve this task. But the craftsperson in the field, or the smaller job shop, will not have access to this tool. Typically an edge would be cleaned up on-site with a sanding block and elbow grease, or if you’re a real cowboy, with a sander turned sideways. But the first option takes too long and the second option introduces the possibility of fouling the edge.

Hence the Edge Sanding Guide, which can hold a perfect 90 degrees or be set to other angles.

This being a Festool product, the design has carefully been thought through. The user can change sanding sheets without having to remove the Guide.

With one of their battery-powered sanders and the collection bag, you can work your way around conference-sized tables without having to worry about cords.

The product will hit the market in September of this year, but I imagine we’ll see copycats/knockoffs before then.

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