Concept for a Drone-Based Air Purifying System

Here’s a wild concept by St.-Petersburg-based industrial designer Albert Rakhimzhanov: Ultro, a drone-based air purifying system. As crazy as the idea is, I guess you can’t argue that a drone can cover a lot more ground than a stationary unit.


The concept of the system includes two interconnected devices — a drone and a station. In the combined mode, the drone blades drive air through the filter in the station, performing the main function of the system.


An additional function of the system is the ability of the drone to switch to mobile mode — in this mode, the drone performs [disinfection] of the room with ultraviolet light. Such a function would help in the prevention of mass diseases in the premises.


The design of the drone is a coaxial arrangement of the rotors. This system consumes less battery power than classic drones, which allows the drone to perform UV disinfection of spaces more efficiently. In addition, the coaxial system is most suitable for performing the fan function when the drone is in the station.


In order to avoid injury to the drone’s blades, as well as damage to the device, there is a protective diaphragm that hides the blades and ensures uniform air intake.


The station body, made of aluminum in combination with wooden legs, creates the image of a modern gadget that is relevant for almost any interior. The system can also be used as an additional light source in the dark, like a floor lamp – an LED backlight is built along the edge of the case.


The device has only one physical button – a configurable power button. To fully configure the system, you need to use the accompanying smartphone application. It is enough to set up scenarios, following which the system will independently perform all the necessary functions. The device is ideal for use in a smart home system.


The system is ideal for institutions such as schools, hospitals and other public spaces. If necessary, it’s possible to arrange several stations between which the drone will move, sequentially performing air purification.

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