Clever mirror saves space and hides clutter.

Anybody who has been reading our site for some time knows we like inventions that lets us use hitherto unused space. Anything that lets us hide away the stuff that clutters any home, makes even a studio apartment feel more spacious. Architect and designer Charlotte Elsner has created this smart mirror/gadget hider she calls Multimirror. The Multimirror is so far just a concept, but if the final product even comes close to the examples she showed at the Stockholm Furniture Fair we think it has every chance of success. The Multimirror is a sliding mirror mounted on a shallow cabinet allowing space for most anything. As a hall mirror (left) it lets you keep shoe brushes, cellphone, ipod, keys, wallet, notes, etc, within easy reach but still hidden away. As a bedroom or dressing room mirror (right) it can be fitted with an integrated ironing board and space for clothes brushes, sewing kit, etc. Brilliant!brbr

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