Charging cradles for cellphone, iPod and PDA.

Isn’t it funny how things tend to come in two’s or three’s? What made James M. mail the tip about Driinn (A) the other day? And why should we stumble upon the Load-Thing (B) among old posts on Swissmiss today of all days? It is either a very strange synchronicity, or ideas are sort of suspended in mid air for people to grasp. Anyway. Both these inventions are designed to hold your mobile, PDA or iPod or whatever you need to have charged. The Driinn is hard plastic, available in five (or possibly six) colors and cost EUR 5:- (approx. USD 6:80) on Driinn’s website. The Load-Thing is delivered flat and must be folded into a cradle, is available in three colors and they will charge you EUR 9:90 (about USD 13:50).brbr

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