Camcorder with 16GB SSD + SDHC card slot.

We do not write much about new electronics, but we will make an exception fort this new Canon HF10 camcorder. If we are not mistaken it is the first camcorder with a 16GB SSD that can record up to six hours of video. And if that is not enough, it has a slot for SD/SDHC memory card, if you need additional memory. This should have been enough even for Andy Warhol in his day. The downside is perhaps that its memory only lasts for 3 hours, so an additional battery might be a good investment. Other features include 12x optical zoom, HDMI out, built-in electronic lens cover, built-in video light, 3.1 megapixels photo shot, and more. It will be available, among other places, no Amazon from May first.brbr

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